A homeless man’s great response to an anti-vax protester is going viral

A viral video on Twitter showed a homeless man calling out an anti-vaccine protester who asked why homeless people weren’t “dead in the streets” because of COVID-19.

“Do you see all these homeless people around?” one protester says through a bullhorn. “Are they dead in the streets with COVID? Hell no! Why?”

“Because I’m vaccinated, dumb fuck,” a person can be heard saying in response.

The camera then pans over to a man who appears to be the respondent pushing a cart down the street.

The 28-second clip was posted by the police documentarian William Gude, an activist who runs the Twitter account Film the Police LA.


Gude posted a follow-up tweet on Wednesday saying that the man’s name was Ray. and he also set up a GoFundMe to help the man

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