Alabama town hosting Trump rally declares COVID state of emergency

the city of Cullman, Alabama, has declared a COVID-19 state of emergency as it prepares to host former president Donald Trump’s MAGA rally on Saturday.

With no available ICU beds in the state, the city of Cullman, Alabama, has declared a COVID-19 state of emergency over the possibility that the Trump rally will turn into a COVID-19 superspreader event reported that The City Council of Cullman, Alabama passed a resolution declaring the state of emergency on Thursday, after it was requested by Cullman Regional hospital

“Cullman Regional Chief Operating Officer Nesha Donaldson sent a letter to the city Wednesday requesting additional support at the rally, and cited the hospital’s overcrowding, bed shortages, labor shortages and an increased strain on Cullman EMS,” the newspaper reports. “In the letter, Donaldson said the hospital will be providing medical support at the rally, but needs help from the city to be able to maintain better response times for COVID-19 issues and allow for better staffing at the hospital.”

The Alabama Hospital Association announced Wednesday that there were no available ICU beds in Alabama out of the 1,562 units in the state.

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