an anti- mask Trump supporter who was South Carolina county Republican Party chair has Died from Covid

Greenville County Republican Party leader Pressley Stutts died Thursday morning from covid

Pressley Stutts spent nearly a month in the hospital battling the virus

South Carolina GOP activist Pressley Stutts with Donald Trump

Stutts and his wife were rushed to the hospital Aug. 1 after his oxygen levels dropped. “The COVID has created double pneumonia in my lungs,” he said in a Facebook post at the time. 

He said in that same post that as a proponent for “freedom and liberty,” no one should be forced to wear a mask and get vaccinated.

Stutts’ health deteriorate as the days went by. Late last week, he announced on Facebook that he was going on a ventilator

Stutts protested against vaccine and mask requirements when Vice President Kamala Harris visited Greenville to encourage more vaccination in the state.

Stutts’ death was confirmed by Dan Harvell, who represents the Anderson County Republican Party on the South Carolina Republican Party’s executive committee.

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