Andrew Yang leaves Democratic Party

Former Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang said Monday he’s not a Democrat and has changed his registration to independent.

“I changed my voting registration from ‘Democrat’ to ‘Independent’ today,” Yang writes in the post on his website. “It was a strangely emotional experience.”

“Also, on a personal level, I’ll admit there has always been something of an odd fit between me and the Democratic Party,” Yang writes. “I’m not very ideological. I’m practical. Making partisan arguments – particularly expressing what I often see as performative sentiment – is sometimes uncomfortable for me. I often think, ‘Okay, what can we actually do to solve the problem?’ I’m pretty sure there are others who feel the same way I do.”

“Please, keep in mind that I am NOT suggesting that you also change your voter registration to Independent, as I have done,” he writes. “Doing so could disenfranchise you if you live in the 83% of the country that is very blue or very red. For this reason, I considered either not making this change or not talking about it.”

Yang is creating a third party called “The Forward Party.” 

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