Average pay at US supermarkets & restaurants is now $15/hr for the first time ever

For the first time ever, average pay for restaurant or supermarket workers has surpassed $15 an hour, The Washington Post reports.

in june, the average nonmanagerial restaurant worker was making $15.31 an hour, a more than 10 percent increase from the pre-pandemic $13.86 an hour. 


Nearly 80% of US workers now earn at least $15/hr, compared to 60% in 2014. Workers in some of the lowest-paying industries have seen “some of the biggest gains.”

fresh entrants in the $15-an-hour club include butchers and seafood markets, office supply stories, liquor stores, parking-lot attendants, day-care services, janitorial services, and care for the elderly or disabled.

Nick Bunker, economic research director at Indeed Hiring Lab said  “I think it’s a guiding star wage….It’s a baseline wage that folks compare offers to.”

experts are saying The pay jump is likely to be permanent.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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