Betsy DeVos criticized Donald Trump

Betsy DeVos has criticized the GOP’s infatuation with Trump. the Detroit Free Press reported Saturday.

DeVos, who served as Trump’s education secretary and is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party “implicitly criticized the GOP’s ongoing capture by former President Donald Trump” at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.

“DeVos told attendees at the biennial conference on Mackinac Island she worries that ‘principles have been overtaken by personalities’ in today’s political environment,” the newspaper reported. “Though personalities can be important to point the party toward its policies, ‘ours is not a movement dependent on any one person,’ DeVos said.”

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  1. Principles? DeVos?
    Ironic remark considering that her only guiding principle is acquiring personal wealth by any means.

    Furthermore, she eagerly accepted a cabinet position from the most unprincipled POTUS in the history of the nation.

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