BOOK: Trump reassured aide that his genitals are fine after Stormy Daniels book

 a former White House press secretary recalled a call she got from Trump after Adult film star Stormy Daniels released her book, describing the anatomy of the president as “smaller than usual”  “unusual” and reminded her of the Mario Cart mushroom with “Yeti pubes.”

Former press secretary Grisham alleged in her book  I’ll Take Your Questions Now. that Trump called her from air force one to counter porn star Stormy Daniels’ claims about his genitals

Trump with Stormy Daniels

“Did you see what she said about me?” Trump said to Grisham, referring to Daniels. “All lies. All lies.”

“Yes, sir,” said Grisham. 

“Everything down there is fine,” Trump said.

Adult film star Stormy Daniels alleged she had an affair with Trump, describing the former president’s private area as “unusual” with “a huge mushroom head” that looked like “a toadstool” in her 2018 book Full Disclosure.

Trump and the White House denied he had an affair with the porn actress.

Former press secretary Grisham also alleged in her book that Trump once requested a young press aide to sit in his Air Force One cabin, in an attempt to “look at her behind.” the young press aide isn’t named in the book.

Additionally, Grisham claims that the former president asked her then-boyfriend and fellow White House aide whether she was good in bed, according to the outlet.

Former press secretary Grisham . Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images, FILE

The former press secretary also wrote about how the Daniels scandal and other allegations of sexual assault had affected the then-first lady.

“After the Stormy Daniels story broke and all the allegations that followed from other women. I felt that Mrs Trump was basically unleashed,” the former press secretary wrote, per the Times. While Mrs. Trump did not believe the allegations, she did want to distance herself from them, Grisham alleged.

“This is Donald’s problem. He got himself into this mess. He can fix it by himself,” Grisham wrote of the former first lady’s stance.

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