California Democrats are planning changes to the state’s recall process

California Democrats have called for major changes to the state’s recall process after Gov. Gavin Newsom won decisively against the Republican recall

California Democrats are looking at stopping anyone from recalling a future elected governor and replacing him or her with someone else who receives far fewer votes

Assemblymember Marc Berman and state Sen. Steve Glazer, both Democrats, announced plans to hold joint, bipartisan hearings as early as October to examine potential modifications to the recall system.

Berman, chairman of the Assembly Committee on Elections, said during the announcement, held over Zoom. “California laws should not allow an elected official to be recalled and replaced by someone else who receives far fewer votes.”

Berman said he hopes the legislation will be introduced sometime early next year and the issue put to voters on the 2022 ballot.

“Whatever solution we come up with, it should be clear for future governors and voters,” he said.

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