Cheney says U.S. Jan. 6 panel to advance contempt charges if subpoenas not followed


The U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee investigating the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol is thinking about criminal contempt charges against Steve Bannon if he doesn’t cooperate with their subpoena.

“In general, people are going to have to appear, or, you know, we will move contempt charges against them,” Cheney said. She said the entire committee was in agreement on that point.

Cheney said the committee expected to have depositions. “We’ll see if they show up. If they show up, we’ll be prepared,” she said.

Bannon has until October 14 to turn over everything the special investigative committee’s subpoena demanded

if he ignores the deadline, at 12:01 a.m. on October 15, he could be in cuffs and in the back of a car with two U.S. marshals.

full report on Reuters

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