Conservative Radio host cuts off Trump

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt cut off Donald Trump’s mid-rant conspiracy theory

Hewitt asked whether he would receive a coronavirus vaccine booster when he’s eligible.

“I would have nothing against getting it, I would like to look at it a little bit more,” Trump said. “But, first of all, we have until September to make the decision, you know, et cetera, et cetera, we have a little while.”

Then Trump taiked about a conspiracy theory 

“I do think that Pfizer, I will say this, the FDA is bureaucratically run, would have taken five years to get it approved, would have never even had it if it weren’t for me,” Trump said, “and I learned things. The FDA is virtually controlled by Pfizer. Pfizer has control, not Johnson & Johnson, not Moderna, but Pfizer has control. Pfizer has control over the FDA.”

“Second question,” the host said cutting off Trump  “Have you heard anything from John Durham? Has he asked to interview you? Do you know what’s going on with John Durham?”

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