Corey Lewandowski banned from Trump-owned properties

Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager has been temporarily blacklisted at Trump-owned properties and MAGA events over allegations that he sexually assaulted and harassed a donor last month.

Corey with Trump during the good times in 2018. Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Corey’s ban at Trump-owned properties is reportedly not lasting long, as former president Donald Trump reportedly has left the door open for his longtime top aide to re-enter his inner circle, based on “good behavior,” according to the Daily Beast.

“Others close to Trump have already told subordinates, as well as fellow players in the party and in the conservative movement more broadly, to remove Lewandowski (at least for now) from invitations and emails for upcoming GOP and MAGA festivities, according to two sources familiar with the situation,” according to the site.

 Trump “has made a point of telling close associates and Republican allies that they should avoid inviting Lewandowski to public events or ‘parties,’ particularly if alcohol is flowing or if the event is held at one of the ex-president’s prized private clubs,” the Daily Beast reported.

people close to Trump predicted Corey’s expulsion will be temporary.

“In private conversations over the last two weeks, the former president left the door open for Lewandowski, with Trump saying he wasn’t sure if every recent allegation sounded credible, according to two people familiar with the situation,” the Daily Beast reported.

one source told the Daily Beast : “The [former] president mentioned that with ‘good behavior,’ Corey could be OK. Like he was talking about somebody… on parole.”

Lewandowski lost his job as head of Trump’s super PAC, Make America Great Again Action, after he was accused of groping donor Trashelle Odom.

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