cybersecurity expert demands Mike Lindell pay him the $5 million challenge by disproving the legitimacy of the data

a cybersecurity expert claimed that he had won Mike Lindell’s $5 million payout challenge by disproving the legitimacy of the data.

The Cyber expert Bill Alderson of Security Institute, told KSFY that he had attended Lindell’s “cyber symposium” earlier this month and determined that the data was not from the 2020 election.

“Every time a packet is collected the data is in it. Every single one,” Alderson said. “With all of my exhibits, proving what my belief was about the packets and why they were not packets and why they did not contain IP headers, why they did not contain Ethernet addresses, why they did not contain congruent, you know, request-response packets, while they were not in P-PCAP format, and they didn’t contain any dating or anything of that nature.”

Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was asked about this by Steve bannon


“Has one of the cyber guys, one of the hostiles that were there, have they filed for the $5 million?” Bannon wondered. “Is that fake news?”

“It had nothing to do with my data,”  Lindell added.

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