Donald Trump is trying to sell his helicopter

TMZ reported that Former President Donald Trump is looking to unload one of his personal helicopters 

What Trump is trying to sell

TMZ reported that Sources are telling them that the former President recently put this 1990 Sikorsky S76-B on the market with no exact asking price. potential buyers can just submit offers.

1990 Sikorsky S76-B

“Sources tell TMZ … the former President recently put one of his personal choppers on the market, but there’s no exact asking price, and potential buyers can just submit offers,” the report said, marked with an “exclusive” label.

 the listing says the aircraft has gold seat belts, upholstered leather, six places for people to sit with African mahogany accents and a soundproofing system to protect them from noise.

 Trump previously listed the same exact model when he was  announced the loser of the 2020 election with no asking price and the listing just saying  “Call for price. Make an offer,”

no word on whether Trump had a buyer on the previously listing, but if this helicopter is sold it will leave Trump with just one. Trump has three helicopters.

Read the report by TMZ here

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