Hillary Clinton is now ‘Madam Chancellor’

Hillary Clinton became the new chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast and people wished she won the 2016 election

VIDEO of her speech

“I’m looking forward to learning much more about this university and then helping to tell the university’s exciting story about the future you will create together.”

“But there was another reason why I agreed to become a member of this community.”

“Northern Ireland has become a symbol of democracy’s power to transcend divisions and deliver peace, and we need that beacon of hope now more than ever.”

“But with hope comes responsibilities, the responsibility to be a citizen, to be willing to discuss and learn from people unlike yourselves, to debate and compromise in search of common ground to participate in our shared institutions, to respect the rights, dignity and needs of all people, and to uphold the rule of law.” she said

people tweeted about this and wished she won the 2016 election

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