John Berman and Brianna Keilar Bust Out Laughing Over the shocking things Trump is accused of doing in a new book

CNN’s John Berman and Brianna Keilar Busted Out Laughing reading the shocking things Trump is accused of doing in a new book by Stephanie Grisham

Keilar and Berman gave a rundown of some revelations from the book

  • “The former first lady tried to embarrass Trump after the Stormy Daniels scandal broke. Whether it was walking into events with handsome military aides or it was telling Grisham to remove the word wife from statements.”
  • “Trump lost it over Melania Trump’s infamous ‘I really don’t care do u?’ jacket after a trip to visit migrant children at the border during the family separation scandal.”
  • Vladimir Putin tried to throw Trump off during their summit in Osaka by bringing an attractive female interpreter to distract Trump.
  • “Putin also coughed a lot, trying to rile up Trump’s germophobia.”
  • “Trump told Putin he had to act tough in front of the cameras, standing next to them, assuring the president, the Russian president, it was all for show.”
  • ““As for the mysterious visit to Walter Reed in 2019, a colonoscopy, although Grisham doesn’t use the exact word for it for which the former president needed anesthesia. Grisham says he didn’t want anyone knowing because he didn’t want to give up power to Mike Pence while he was under.”
  • “Trump harassed women on the staff. She claims that Trump requested a young female staffer be brought to his cabin on Air Force One so that he could look at her from behind. And she also claims that Trump once asked a staffer’s boyfriend if she was good in bed.”
  • “Trump tried to assure her that his equipment was normal after Stormy Daniels described it as a character in Super Mario Brothers.”

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