Lara Trump claims that Trump tried to warn people about January 6th

Lara Trump went on Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night, and actually tried to argue that the former president wanted a peaceful protest and warned Nancy Pelosi that things would get out of hand on January 6th.

“These people know. Whether it’s Adam Schiff, whether it’s Liz Cheney, whether it’s [Adam] Kinzinger, they all know that Donald Trump didn’t orchestrate this whole thing. He didn’t tell people to the Capitol and break in. He said let’s peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard. But he tried to warn them. So many people tried to warn Nancy Pelosi. Why didn’t they have the adequate security there?” Lara Trump said.


FACT CHECK: texts from Hannity and other Fox News personalities and Donald Trump Jr., all frantically tried to get Trump to intervene to stop the violence on Jan 6th.

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