lawyer says Trump ‘snitched on himself’ in the NY fraud case

Tristan Snell, a former assistant attorney general in New York, appeared on MSNBC on Thursday to discuss the news of the state AG’s office seeking a Jan. 7 deposition from the former president as part of its civil investigation into potential fraud inside the Trump Organization.

Tristan Snell pointed to a Washington Post showing that the Trump Organization reported the value of one of its properties to lenders as $527 million, a few months before telling tax authorities it was worth only $16.7 million.

“That is a 3,300 percent disparity between what they reported to a lender and what they reported to the tax authorities,” Snell said. “These numbers really speak for themselves. Donald Trump didn’t need anyone to snitch on him. He snitched on himself with how broad of a disparity that was.”

Tristan Snell added that it could end up ruining Trump financially.


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