FILE - In this Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018, file photo, Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former chief strategist, talks during an interview with The Associated Press, in Washington. Bannon has been arrested on charges that he and three others ripped off donors to an online fundraising scheme "We Build The Wall." The charges were contained in an indictment unsealed Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, in Manhattan federal court. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Legal expert explains how House Dems could get Steve Bannon to flip.

former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner explained how the House Jan 6th riot committee could get Steve Bannon to flip on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection” on Saturday morning.

 Kirschner explained, “I suspect Steve Bannon has no interest in providing information to the House committee, which could incriminate his protector Donald Trump. Here’s what will happen moving forward in the criminal contempt case: the prosecutors may very well engage in negotiations with Steve Bannon. For example, they could say, ‘listen, we will extend you a plea offer, we will cap our request regarding your sentence.’ I will make up a figure at 90 days in prison if you agree to appear and testify truthfully and fully before the house select committee.”

“So I will say this presents an opportunity for Steve Bannon to cooperate,” he continued. “Do we think Steve Bannon will cooperate? If he does, do we think he can put three truthful words together if he were placed under oath and asked about what Donald Trump did? Very unlikely.”

“Tiffany as you and I have discussed, Congress should never take its own power of inherent contempt off the table,” he added. “Because this criminal prosecution is designed to punish Steve Bannon for the crime he inarguably committed; contempt of Congress. But Congress’ inherent power of contempt is designed to compel the testimony of witnesses before Congress, two very different vehicles.”


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