Lindsey Graham asked if he sucked up to Trump in Comical Trainwreck interview

Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt confronted the Palmetto State senator with the passage from Grisham’s book during a Tuesday night interview.

“It struck me that he was using Trump to mop up the freebies like there was no tomorrow (seems that he’s still is),” Grisham wrote.

Graham’s reply was … let’s call it awkward.

“Apparently she’s implying that the only reason I want to be around President Trump is because of the food,” Graham said, throwing in some over the top laughter for good measure.

“The food?” Schmitt asked skeptically

“I’ll let you determine if that’s why I spend time with the president,” Graham said, through uncomfortable chortles. girls. “Because I need my next meal.”

But lest Graham risk drawing the former president’s ire for giving the impression that the steaks at Mar-a-Lago are anything less than first rate, the senator made sure to note that he does indeed appreciate the Trump cuisine.

“My appreciation for President Trump includes the food!” Graham clarified. “But much beyond that.”

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