Missouri newspaper calls for the unvaccinated to pay higher insurance premiums

 a major newspaper has called for the unvaccinated to pay higher insurance premiums after FDA fully approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

 the editors of the St. Louis Post Dispatch made the case for higher insurance premiums for the Willfully unvaccinated – NOT those whose health issues prevent them from getting vaccinated.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Health insurance companies today can legally charge smokers up to 50% more in premiums than non-smokers, based on the simple fact that smokers have made a dangerous lifestyle choice,” the paper started with. They continued, “The only sliver of justification for the holdouts (and it is a sliver) was that the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the vaccines was done on a fast-track emergency basis — necessary to get the vaccines out there as soon as possible. But it has had the unfortunate effect of allowing some critics to claim, falsely, that the approval process was somehow inadequate.”

“Allowing the insurance industry to charge higher premiums for the unvaccinated would likely require changing the rules governing Obamacare, which would mean a major fight in Congress. It would be a fight worth having,” they wrote before concluding, “The sooner society stops treating this pandemic as a culture war skirmish and starts treating it as the public health crisis it is, the better.”


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