NSA Leaker Reality Winner’s Family to biden: Pardon her

Brittany Winner, The sister of Reality Winner, the former NSA translator who in 2018 was sentenced to over five years in prison for leaking a top-secret report on Russian interference, told MSNBC  that Biden “owes Reality gratitude” and should pardon her.

In an interview with MSNBC  Brittany Winner,  sister of Reality Winner said “her actions directly contributed to the fact that the 2020 elections were the most secure presidential elections in American history,” and Biden is president because of Reality Winner’s actions and, should pardon her.

Reality Winner’s mother Billie Winner-Davis added that she had been writing and calling the Biden White House every day to no avail

Billie Winner-Davis: “That was very heartbreaking to me because it told me that they weren’t listening…That perhaps even President Biden hadn’t seen my messages, hadn’t heard what I was asking for, because this really is in his hands right now. My daughter has a petition for clemency with the United States pardon attorney, and all it’s going to take is his signature to commute her sentence, to bring her home to us.”

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