Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel says he wants to eliminate U.S. Postal Service if elected to the Congress.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel falsely claims the U.S. Postal Service is unconstitutional and vows to work to eliminate it if elected to Congress.

“I agree that [it’s] completely incompetent and could never stand up in the private sector,” Mandel said. “But there’s a bigger issue here. And this is what I’m going to do when I get to Washington: I’m going to post on the wall of my office the United States Constitution, and right next to it, I’m going to post an organizational chart of the federal government. And for every agency, sub-agency, bureau, department—all these departments we’ve never even heard of in the bowels of the federal government—I’m going to work with people like [Sen.] Rand Paul and [Reps.] Thomas Massie and Jim Jordan and others to try to eliminate all these departments that are never called for in the Constitution.”

“We need warriors going to Washington to cut their funding and eliminate them whole hog,” Mandel declared.

Right Wing Watch uncovered the video

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