POLL: 44% Of Republicans Want Trump to run in 2024

A new poll found that nearly half of Republicans would like to see former President Donald Trump launch another presidential bid in 2024.

the poll by Pew Research Center found that 44% Of Republicans Want Trump to run in 2024.  67% of Republicans would like to see Trump remain a major political figure “for many years to come,” according to the poll.. 22% of the 67% of Republicans who want Trump to maintain his status as a major political figure stated they would rather Trump use his influence “to support another presidential candidate who shared his views in the 2024 election rather than run for office himself.” 

the poll also found that nearly two-thirds of Republicans believe that “their party should not be accepting of elected officials who opposed Trump.”

The same poll also showed that 32% of Republicans would prefer Trump not “remain a national political figure for many years to come.” 

Pew Research Center polled 10,371 Republicans and Democrats from Sept. 13 to Sept 19.

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