Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene: Shut down the government because the government Shut down businesses ‘over Covid’

During an appearance on Real America’s Voice, Greene argued that the government should not be funded because the government Shut down businesses

“Stopping them from continuing on with the massive debt that they’re piling on you, the American taxpayer, is so critical,” she told host Steve Bannon. “We have to stop the debt ceiling from being raised because Nancy Pelosi and [Chuck] Schumer, they want to continue it for another 15 months so they can ram through the infrastructure bill and the budget.”

“In reality, they’re setting up the passage for the Green New Deal, which is in raw form in the budget, the $3.5 trillion budget that is going to enslave all of you to China,” she said.

“let’s keep them shut down…Because what did they do to the American people? How many small businesses closed over Covid? Over 100,000.”

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