Republican calls out Matt Gaetz’s accusations: ‘should disgust every decent Floridian’

Matt Gaetz, who’s under investigation by the FBI for allegedly sex-trafficking a minor, was called out by his 2022 GOP primary challenger.

Byron Jones, A veteran, and special operations pilot during the Iraq and Afghan wars is set on Thursday to announce his campaign to challenge embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz in the Florida Republican primary, promising to “restore dignity” to the panhandle district.

“Our district deserves an effective, values-driven leader in Congress, not someone under investigation for crimes that should disgust every decent Floridian,” Jones said, adding that CD-1 residents “deserve a congressman who reflects their values.”

“You aren’t going to get a career politician,” Jones added. “You aren’t going to get someone who wants to get on the media and be a talking head for their own glory and ego. Send me to Washington, and you get a leader who is always going to be on your side — someone with the honesty, strength of character, and discipline to go to war against the elite and career politicians on behalf of we the people.”

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