REVEALED: reporter reveals shocking office ransacked most on Jan. 6 insurrection

ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl revealed the shocking office ransacked most during the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack by the pro-Trump mob.

there has been a lot said about the pro-Trump mob’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, but until now we didn’t know what office the pro-Trump mob targeted.

While speaking to the Washington Post about his new book “Betrayal,” According to Karl, the Senate Parliamentarian’s office was the most pillaged among the other rooms in the Capitol on Jan. 6 . CNN’s Ali Zaslav posted a video of the office at the time. 

 KARL:: “one of the striking things about the riot was that the room that got ransacked the most, I mean really just destroyed as if they were really looking for something–it looked like, you know, a burglar team going through and trying to get a hold of something–was the–was the parliamentarian’s office. And I believe that those rioters who were very keenly focused–this was not a protest, it wasn’t–this was an effort to stop a transition of power. I believe they were searching for those ballots, with the intent of destroying them.”

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