Rittenhouse attorney calls on his client ‘to change his name’ and become ‘anonymous’

An attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse called on his client ‘to change his name’ and become ‘anonymous’

During an interview on Fox News, defense attorney Mark Richards called on his client ‘to change his name’ and become ‘anonymous’

“I think there’s a lot of people who want to use Kyle,” Richards told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. “I think the way the Rittenhouse name has trended on Twitter — and that’s what we live in is a Twitter society — people want to use his name, get it out there so they can get some publicity. I think it’s cheap.”

“What’s your advice to him about how he should live his life from now on?” MacCallum asked. “Because he’s got a lot of decisions to make about whether or not he goes off to college and kind of keeps his head down and gets on with his life or whether or not he does become a symbol for certain things that people would like him to be a symbol for.”

“My advice would be to change his name and start his life over,” Richards asserted. “There’s a lot of people who I don’t think have his best interest at heart.”

“Once you give up your name and your likeness and you join those causes, I think a lot of people will use you for their own purposes,” he added. “You won’t be able to control it.”


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