Ron DeSantis’ approval ratings drop to new lows

the approval ratings of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who has been untouchable for the past year just dropped to new lows as Covid infection rates continue to climb 

A Quinnipiac University poll released this month had DeSantis’ approval rating dipping below 50 percent, with 47 percent approving of his job performance, and 45 percent disapproving. Those numbers dropped to 44-51 when asked about his handling of public schools. A St. Pete Polls survey earlier this month showed 43 percent approved of the job he was doing while 48 percent did not.

The Republican governor lost his fight to block masking mandates in schools this week and might lose his re-election in 2022

a Republican consultant who has previously worked with DeSantis said this about the governor refusal to implement Covid-related restrictions

“You can tout all the freedom and anti-lockdown that you want. There’s no political strategy for sick kids and tired parents.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis might end up becoming a one-term governor

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