Tennessee Republican anti-masker who had covid calls on people to get vaccinated

A Tennessee legislator who went from going to unmasked gatherings with fellow legislators to being placed on ventilator just days later, now has a message for constituents after a harrowing eight-month experience with long-haul covid-19. The Washington Post reported

“It is a disease that wants to kill us,” state Rep. David Byrd (R) said in a statement Friday. Byrd, 63,  explained that he spent 55 days on a ventilator  in which covid-19 ravaged his memory, his muscles and his organs — it led to him having a liver transplant in June; his condition was so grave that his family at least once began planning for his funeral. Stressing that covid-19 is real and “very dangerous,” Byrd encouraged people to get vaccinated.

state Rep. David Byrd

“This is not an issue that should divide us,” he wrote.

before he became ill with covid around Thanksgiving, his attitude about the novel coronavirus, which can cause the disease covid-19, included a June 2020 vote for a resolution that accused the “mainstream media” of sensationalizing pandemic coverage.

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