Texas Governor Greg Abbott couldn’t respond to The Lincoln Project’s devastating ad

a local station in Austin, Texas tried to get a response to The Lincoln Project’s devastating ad from Governor Greg Abbott on his handling of the pandemic. Abbott has opposed mask mandates in Texas, and in May, issued an executive order banning them in the state. In August, he also banned government COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The ad notes that Texas “is now one of the leading states in COVID deaths.” more than 3.8 million Texans have been diagnosed with the virus, and that more than 60,475 have died from it.

“Over 60,000 Texans buried,” the silent ad states in a caption. “A cemetery that would stretch from Austin to San Antonio. Over 3.6 million feet of casket lumber. Enough lumber to build a wall 85 miles long.”

“If Governor Abbott wants to build a new wall” the ad continues, “Tell him to stop building this one.”

The ad then cuts to an image of caskets standing upright in a long row, arranged to look like a border wall. 

a local station in Austin, Texas tried to get a response from Greg Abbott and couldn’t


“We reached out to [Gov.Abbott’s] office twice for a comment about this ad and we are still waiting for a response.”

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