“Trump f*cking hates DeSantis”

Ron DeSantis’ popularity is getting under Trump’s skin. a Trump confidant told Vanity Fair.

DeSantis and Trump are on an inevitable collision course as the 2024 GOP field takes shape. “There’s going to be a blowup,” a prominent Republican said. “Trump fucking hates DeSantis. He just resents his popularity,” Vanity Fair reports

“Trump tells people, ‘I made Ron,’” a prominent Republican said. “Trump says that about a lot of people. But in this case it’s actually true.”

Trump may try to use the governor’s popularity to his own advantage in 2024

“Heading into 2024, DeSantis is primed to push Trump off the throne,” said former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg. “Trump surely sees this coming and will ultimately offer Gov. DeSantis a joint ticket.”

DeSantis has been telling donors that he won’t campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire before his re-election campaign next year, a source said.

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