Trump gave”disturbing evidence’ in interview on Jan 6th

Trump gave “disturbing evidence’ during an interview on Jan 6th with ABC’s Jonathan Karl. the released audio reveals Donald Trump defending chants of “hang Mike Pence” during the Jan. 6th insurrection.

attorney Norman Eisen, one of the impeachment lawyers called it “more evidence” for the House committee investigating the riot during an interview on CNN.


“It’s more disturbing evidence of former president Trump’s state of mind that brought about the insurrection on January 6th,” he continued. “And it goes to why the litigation and the effort to subpoena individuals and the Mark Meadows case that is percolating up in the January 6th committee is so important,” he continued. “Not only did we have the terrible events and the run-up of those events on January 6th, he’s still doing it — the big lie continues.”

“As you heard, he’s totally unrepentant,” he suggested to Keilar. “That’s why we have to get at the truth of what happened that terrible day.”


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