Trump has become ‘Irrelevant’

a report from the Guardian’s David Smith revealed that Trump’s social media ban has taken a big toll on Trump and is now ‘irrelevant’.

the toll of The former president’s social media ban revealed — Trump had 80 million Twitter followers before he was banned immediately after the Jan 6th Capitol riot — now Trump has had to resort to longer statements posted by his spokesperson on her Twitter account that has little social media reach and often passes without anyone noticing.

“Cast into the social media wilderness, the former US president releases statements by email these days, clogging the inboxes of reporters whose attention has turned elsewhere. The era when a single tweet from Trump could electrify cable news, rattle financial markets and unnerve foreign capitals is long gone,” Smith wrote. “His post-presidential online engagement is in freefall, the Axios website reported this week, citing data from SocialFlow, an optimization platform that measures clicks from posts referred from its network of publishers.”

people talking about Trump has dropped like a rock.

“Clicks to content about Trump dropped 37% in August and September compared with June and July, according to the findings. This represented a 50% decline since March. The decline has been inexorable since the blockbuster event of Trump’s impeachment trial in February.”

“In short “the former guy”, as Joe Biden calls him, who once brutally colonized social media feeds, is fading fast, a victim of the rapid news cycle he once reigned over.”

Full report here

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