Trump is charging the Secret Service $17,000 per month

Former President Donald Trump has continued charging the United States Secret Service thousands for using his properties

Trump has been charging the Secret Service $17,000 per month to rent a cottage at his Bedminster resort, while also charging the Secret Service nearly $400 per night to rent a single room at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold : “In Bedminster, $17K/month is a lot higher than the going rate in the area,” wrote Fahrenthold on twitter “At Mar-a-Lago, $396.15 is more than triple the government’s per-diem spending limit on hotels in the area, which was $121 in May and June.”

Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold also added that Trump could use the Secret Service to bilk taxpayers for as much money as he wanted

“They can spend whatever they need to, to stay close to the people they protect,” he explained. “Which means Trump can legally charge the Secret Service whatever he wants: the only limit would be his sense of what’s excessive.”

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