Trump says Taliban founder asked him a ‘very scary question’

In a new interview with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, former President Donald Trump  said Taliban founder asked him a ‘very scary question’

TRUMP: “I spoke to, and sort of the known head, but nobody was sure, but now I’m sure, and I was sure then when I was speaking to him,” said Trump. “I say … you will be hit harder than any country and any person has ever been hit in world history. And we will start with the exact location and the exact town, and it’s right here. And I believe I repeated the name of his town. That will be the first place that we start. And I won’t be able to speak to you anymore after that, and isn’t that a very sad thing? But that is the story.”

“And then he asked me one question, and I’d rather not repeat that question, because it’s a very scary question,” said Trump. “But he asked me one question, and I gave him the answer yes. And then after it was all done, I said okay, now I’ve said what I’m going to say. Let’s have a conversation. And I said we’re going to be leaving after 21 years. And when we leave, you’re going to leave us alone, and we’re going to leave with great dignity and great honor. And we are going to take care of this situation.”

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