Trump’s DC hotel is empty

Recent reports about a imminent sale of the Trump International Hotel got a reporter wondering: What’s the place like these days?. the Washingtonian’s Jane Recker wanted to see what the Trump International Hotel looked like after Trump became a former president.  

the reporter dropped by one evening and What she found wasn’t the packed hotel it used to be.

“It was 5 pm on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and roughly a dozen customers were in evidence—a tiny number for such a cavernous space. We camped out at the bar with a martini and a plate of fries, taking in the (lack of) scene. At one point, a maskless man approached us and asked, ‘Are you part of the Trump book club?’ We were not. He wandered away, soon joining a small group across the room,” Recker writes.

“A woman came to the bar and got a glass of Grenache. ‘I usually order the Trump wine,” she said, “but . . . .’ She gazed around. ‘This is really a change from what it used to be. It used to be packed all the time.’ She gulped her wine and left.”

Read more at the Washingtonian.

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