unvaccinated fitness coach changed his mind on vaccine after covid’s devastating toll on body

fitness coach who refused vaccine has changed his mind on the vaccine after covid’s devastating toll on his body

Kelly Reinke, a reporter with Denver’s NBC affiliate, posted this before-and-after images on Twitter, writing: “Left: Fitness coach Bill Phillips pre-covid. Right: Bill, 70 pounds lighter, barely surviving COVID-19 after deciding not to get the vaccine. He’s getting discharged from St. Anthony Hospital on Wednesday with a new outlook on life and the shot.”

Phillips’ wife, Maria Phillips, documented his COVID journey in photographs in an interview with 9news denver

Bill was so strong and independent and worked out and did all these things,” she said. “Now he’s in a wheel chair. He can’t walk. He can’t exercise. He’s on oxygen.”

Bill will be discharged from the hospital 70 pounds lighter. 

“It didn’t help that I could bench press 300 pounds or run a mile straight up a hill,” he said. “I’ve been in a lot of pain and I have lost a lot, but I have gained a new outlook on life that is for sure.”

If he had a chance to do it again, he would do it differently. 

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