Unvaccinated Pastor nearly Died Of COVID Now his Pro-Vaccine

in July, Pastor Danny Reeves was fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at Dallas’ Baylor University Medical Center. he wasn’t vaccinated and had COVID-19.

Danny Reeves, senior pastor at First Baptist Corsicana in Texas, 

Pastor Danny Reeves is now the senior pastor at First Baptist Corsicana in north-central and regrets not getting the shot earlier

“I was falsely and erroneously overconfident,” Reeves said to NPR

Reeves said to NPR he isn’t against vaccines, and he encouraged certain people in his community — mostly older adults — to get vaccinated before he contracted the coronavirus. he thought since he’s in his 40s, healthy, getting the virus wouldn’t be a big deal.

“Unfortunately that was the attitude that I had: That if I did get it, I thought it would just be a nothing issue,” he says to NPR “And in that I was deeply, deeply wrong.”

Reeves said At one point during his two-night stay in the ICU, a doctor told him he might die.

Reeves is still recovering.

“It ravaged my healthy body,” he said to NPR “There’s no doubt.”

Reeves says he plans to get vaccinated

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