‘We had this’: Steve Bannon says Larry Elder lost the recall when he accepted ‘Biden’s win’

Conservative host Steve Bannon says Larry Elder lost Trump voters when he accepted former President Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election.

Bannon made the remarks on his Real America’s Voice program moments after California polls opened on Tuesday.

“The mainstream media, the conservative media and Fox News all piled into the Larry Elder,” Bannon said. “I love Larry Elder. He’s a great guy. He’s terrific. But this race is not about Larry Elder and everybody made it about Larry Elder.”

“And the shift in the numbers over the last weeks are because the mainstream Republican conservative [establishment] got suckered into the Larry Elder train,” he continued. “The only thing that is relevant is 50% plus one vote to remove Gavin Newsom from office.”

“And Larry Elder, let me be blunt, three weeks ago when he said Joe Biden won the election and Trump didn’t win, boom, all the sudden you felt the heat in the Trump movement start to drop for coming out here,” he complained. “We had this. This was as close to a lock as you could get. We had these guys panicked.”

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